Make any night the perfect movie night.

Our top-of-the-line theater packages are designed for consumers seeking the ultimate dedicated home theater room experience. Our engineers design, install, and program each theater system, making them capable of delivering a truly high quality viewing experience like no other.

So many speaker options! From in-wall surrounds and subs to state-of-the art shelf mounted to the sleek free standing, there are many different choices of theater speakers. Discuss your options with one of our salesman to discover the best solution for your home theater.

View the gallery of designs – from simple to extravagant!


Welcome to the Smart Home.

We’ve created state-of-the-art smart home and business automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control. We offer a variety of touch-screen control systems. They allow unprecedented control over each subsystem. The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that displays important information.

  • Multi-room climate control

  • Security

  • Multi-room audio

  • Lighting

  • Landscape irrigation

  • Home theater

  • Weather forecast


Listen to different music in different rooms at different volumes all from one, easy to use system.

Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems. Controlling what plays over which speakers can be controlled from one user-friendly interface.

Now have jazz playing in the kitchen, classical in the dining room, easy listening on the back porch and oldies in the pool area. Your overall living experience can be enhanced by filling your home or office with your favorite tunes.

Often times, the outdoor living area is a source of entertainment and a chosen location for audio. To fit with the scenery, choose from various landscape speakers.


Imagine getting up at night and having your lights turn on as you walk down the hall…

Want to change the mood in an instant? Use light to create contrast, focus and depth. While trends in design and décor are ever-evolving, lighting will always play a critical part in creating an inspiring and beautiful room – not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you’re in a home or in a business, ambiance makes all the difference in the world.

With smart lighting solutions, you’ll have the freedom, flexibility and convenience to change a mood or create a different ambiance in one touch – or even automatically. Impress your guests with a single button that dims the lights, ignites the fireplace and turns on the music. Activate a “goodnight” mode, right from your nightstand, that turns off 25 lights throughout the house – without ever getting out of bed.


If your new home is under construction, now is the best time to prepare for future needs.

None of us know exactly what the future holds, or what technology will prevail, or what your personal needs will be down the road. One thing is certain, if your new home is under construction, now is the best time to prepare for future needs.

A pre-wired home can support a wide range of technologies, including internet service, digital television, phone communications, direct broadcast satellite service, distributed audio, home theater, environmental and energy management systems and home security.

We can provide a prewiring plan before your drywall goes up, leaving you free to choose from many different systems to fit your life-style when you are ready.

Smart Home Infographic


Enjoy High-Speed Internet – wherever you call home.

Starlink is a project by SpaceX that uses satellites for global internet. People connect with a special antenna to get fast internet, especially in remote places. The goal is to give reliable internet everywhere.

What we do:

  • Specialising in Starlink Installation

  • Servicing the Okanagan Valley and the rest of British Columbia

  • 20 Years of Satellite Dish Install Experience


One of the most renowned brands in American history is the audio industry’s best kept secret…

We’re pleased to carry the legendary McIntosh brand. McIntosh has been the choice of generations of musicians, recording artists and producers, whether in recording studios or their own homes.

It has permeated the culture to a point where film prop masters continue to ask for it by name when creating movie sets for homes, apartments or offices that have to be outfitted with the finest
object of their genre.

In addition to exceptional quality sound, McIntosh is highly recognizable by its black glass front panels, “McIntosh Blue” amplifier power meters and iconic logo, which give the product its very distinctive, timeless identity.


See what’s happening at home when you’re away on business or just see who’s at the front door.

Feel secure with locks that can be monitored and managed from any home or internet connection. The system incorporates your lights, locks, and more to automatically make your home more secure.

  • Lock every door and arm the alarm, all with a single touch

  • Check on the kids, whether you’re downstairs or downtown

  • View the video feeds from your security webcams – any time, anywhere

  • Receive a text alert when the system senses trouble, including water leaks

  • Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers

  • Let yourself in when you forget your keys

  • Randomize lights and A/V equipment to make it look like you’re home

Professional Home Network Install

Without a Reliable and Efficient Network, Even the Smartest
Devices are Rendered Dumb.

When these sleek and powerful wireless access points are placed around your home, the connectivity is improved.

  • A network designed to handle the many types of data in your home, especially AV and automation traffic

  • Enterprise-quality construction with elegant aesthetic.

  • High-performance radio, processors, and transmitters.